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Compost Check-in

Summer is in full swing. You should notice that your compost pile is very active. It should have reduced in size, especially if you are adding grass. If you notice that things do not seem to be working as you think they should, there may be some reasons for that.

Is your compost wet enough? When you pick up a handful of compost, does it stay together in a clump without excess water dripping? If the answer is no, you need to add some moisture to your pile to get things working the way they should. Adding moisture can be done with a hose and adding extra nitrogen-rich material.

If you answered yes, there was excess water dripping out, you need to add some brown or carbon-rich materials to soak up the extra water.

Is your compost pile warm or hot when you check on it? If it is not, you may not have enough material to keep your pile active. Try adding more material to the pile layering your browns and greens, and adding water as needed.

If you have made it the whole summer without turning your pile (I know I have), now would be the time to turn it so that materials get a little more chance to break down before winter.

Remember, there is not really any way to mess up your compost pile. It will let you know what the issue is. If you have any questions or concerns about your compost pile, please reach out.

Keep an eye out for announcements on our workshop series. The next is on Saturday, August 20th at City Hall. There will be an email sent and a Facebook post with details.

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